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Jacksmith Apk 2024 Free Download for Android

App By:
Babo Dev
v1.3 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 21, 2023
13 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0 +

Jacksmith Apk - Make your warriors' weapons with Jacksmith! It's time to call in the neighborhood warrior clans for help as you're a donkey on a mission through the land, but the trails are blocked by monsters. Your hands-on blacksmithing experience will include designing swords, bows, shields, and other weapons. You're ready to fight your path further down the road once you have equipped all your soldiers! With your trusty cannon, you'll likely be able to help out with loot while the warriors fight. As you progress towards the evil wizard Dudley, gather better ores and elements to make even better weapons!

Your task is to create a vast array of weapons for your brave warriors as you play as a skilled blacksmith. You can craft swords and bows, as well as arrows and axes, using ore, molding, melting, pouring, and constructing your weapons.

What is Jacksmith Apk?

The craftiest donkey in all of land is Jacksmith. In Jacksmith, you are a blacksmith who crafts weapons for all of your warriors. Hands-on experience is required when crafting weapons. The ore, the mold, the melting, the pouring, the construction, and the design are all available to you. Making the perfect weapon requires skills and strategy, regardless of whether you're making swords, bows, arrows, or axes. Having crafted your team of warriors, it's time to go into battle. Your goal is to reach the Great Wizard Dudley as you collect loot and man the cannons during the battle!

Build awesome weapons and armor for the heroes to use on their adventures by following the instructions. Find out how to make the best gear by managing your time, working carefully, and discovering secret recipes.

To please your customers in Jacksmith, you must be accurate. From casting the metal properly to putting on the grip in the center of the blade handle, make sure you pay attention to every detail. Do not cut corners when it comes to your performance score since it will affect everything you do in the long run. In order to please the customer, you may be tempted to go as fast as possible. However, sacrificing speed for accuracy will only result in a poor customer experience. 

It's likely that you'll enjoy Jacksmith if you enjoy cooking games where you cook and serve dishes. A hot and tasty pizza and forging bows aren't that different. You should definitely give Jacksmith a shot even if you're not a blacksmith.

Jacksmith Apk Features:

  • Creating weapons with your hands
  • To build better weapons, gather parts during battle
  • Come together with 6 unique clans of warriors
  • Cannon Balls and new weapons can be unlocked
  • 7 magical lands await you in this battle
  • You can make over 80 epic weapons by learning how to craft them
  • With more than 135 unique enemies to battle, each with its own unique stats,
  • You can earn over 80 badges in the game
  • Craft with more than 275 unique parts
  • Craft your weapon strategically to defeat Elemental Enemies
  • Online games are free!

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