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Better Animes Apk 2024 Free Download untuk Android

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BetterAnime – Dev
v2.20 untuk Android
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Apr 04, 2023
33.43 MB
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Android 5.0 +

Having a scarcity of these apps allows them to be featured here if they pass a satisfactory quality filter. We will continue to see how Better Anime works for us from now on, but downloading it surprised us and had many advantages.

A sizable catalog

An excellent catalog was generated by the application, which included the genre's main names. The most hardcore fans can also choose from alternative options that complement their experience. A constant update feature will ensure that this library doesn't stop growing and pleases all style enthusiasts.

In addition to Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and many others, you can also find games that live up to the most popular names. Among the new celebrities you may not know are titles like Btooom, Desert Punk, Sket Dance, Paranoia Agent, among others.

Advanced features

Better Anime is all about organization. Our favorite feature of the interface was the option to favorite anime titles and get an alert as soon as a new episode, spinoff, or anything else from your anime is added to the app directly on your cell phone's main screen.

This is not the end of the story. A daily section shows the new anime episodes and episodes released that day. Having the ability to schedule everything yourself and watch when it is released is wonderful. Our biggest streaming apps don't even have this feature, by the way.

In addition, they remembered to add a button at the beginning of each episode that skips the common introductions.

Navigating with ease

In the first place, we like the fact that the app supports our language. There is a decent search engine that is well-optimized for finding what you need easily, as well as an easy navigation system that is always clean.

Moreover, even though the ads are there - you know, a free app is hard to survive without advertisements to cover the costs - the way they're arranged ensures we don't have an ad while watching something so that we get that cold water bath in entertainment without having to watch an ad.

Also commendable are the subtitles, which synchronize nicely and cover all the titles on the platform. The solution leaves no room for improvement when compared to giants like Netflix.

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