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3 03, 2023
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Take control of a noble house in the midst of a crumbling kingdom. Bring wealth and power to your family by becoming a politician, industrialist, rabble-rouser, or conspirator. It's your choice in Guns of Infinity 2, the long-anticipated sequel from 2016.

Paul Wang, the author of "Sabres of Infinity," "Guns of Infinity," "Mecha Ace," and "The Hero of Kendrickstone," has written a massive interactive novel with 1.6 million words called Lords of Infinity. There are no graphics or sound effects in it, so your imagination is your fuel.

How will you use your power to protect those weaker than you, or will you use corruption and intrigue to secure your position among the aristocracy? Is it your intention to stick to the old ways? Create an uncertain future by blazing a trail. Are you going to exploit an age of disorder for your own gain, or are you going to risk everything for a better world? Are you going to be remembered as a paragon by history? Are you a hero? Taking advantage of opportunities? What kind of traitor are you?

  • Discover the intricacies of the Tierran Parliament by becoming a member of Tierra's political elite.
  • Whether you seek peace and prosperity for your tenants, or you wish to squeeze their pockets dry to fund your grand ambitions, you are responsible for the success of your estate.
  • Become a major player in the world of commerce and industry by implementing sweeping plans.
  • Get a taste of Tierran society by joining exclusive clubs, attending glittering balls, and playing high-stakes gambling.
  • Make sure family, friends, lovers, and enemies are all treated equally.
  • Join the ranks of foreign agents, firebrands, and lords.
  • To protect your interests, your fortune, and your honor, use your wits, your charm, or your proficiency with violence.
  • Romance can be found in the most unexpected places-or happiness can be found in an arranged marriage, depending on your taste.
  • Living the noble life of a country nobleman means fighting duels, hunting poachers, and facing bandits.
  • Take control of the Unified Kingdom by amassing wealth, influence, and allies.

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